The Best Facial Skin Care

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The Best Facial Skin Care

Our face is our first business card. You have to admit it; it does not matter if you’re thin or fat, low or tall, what defines our level of charm is our face.

When the years pass and we find ourselves in front of a mirror, we decide if we have aged, based on the skin of our face, right?

Well, why some show more than their age and others look younger?

Some may respond by saying that this depends on a biological factor, others may say that it depends on the way a woman has lived her life, whether she has been happy or not. And all these answers would be right.

But we must consider the fact that if we take care of our face in the right way, we have more chances to improve the anti-aging process.
So, if you want to know the best facial skin care, keep reading the following lines;).

Get rid of your face dry skin

How many times have you found yourself in front of a supermarket shelf to choose the best facial cleanser? And how many times did you think you made a good purchase because you decided on the most expensive and better-publicized product and instead its application did not improve the quality of your skin.

If you’re like me, probably you have not found the right cleanser yet;)

I realized that there is little difference between soap that costs $ 5 and one that costs $ 50. In most cases, they are made with the same ingredients.

It was a real frustration for me to feel my skin still dirty after washing it. For some reason I never managed to clean my forehead, I seemed to have pimples that could not be seen with the naked eye. In fact, the main problem was that I could not clean my skin deep, but only superficially. And I suppose this happens to everyone, you can not get a perfect cleaning using only the hands and a facial cleanser.

For best facial care, you need to prepare it for its cleaning. First of all, we need to be aware of the fact that our skin renews itself continuously. Therefore, our face does not magically clean up dead cells by itself, but we must help it by using a specific brush to remove dry skin from the front. In this way, you prepare your face for cleaning.

In fact, since I discovered that the skin of the face should be brushed, choosing the right cleanser is not more an issue. Now it’s enough for me to pick a natural soap, and I get the desired results anyway. These are not aggressive on my skin, and anyway, they are in any supermarket at really affordable prices.
The face brush must be natural because we do not want to use toxic products on our skin, right?brushing face

I have chosen the Bodecare Jute Dry Face Brush because their face brushes are natural and the best on the market. They specially designed with jute fiber bristles at the perfect density for the delicate skin on the face, neck, and decolletage.  Their hairs are steam cleaned with no chemicals, before being wound into the brush with stainless steel.  The wood handles are also heat treated, not sprayed with chemicals.

Steps of Dry Face Brushing

When you have to brush décolletage, neck, and face, you should use a soft plant bristle brush because the skin is more sensitive in these areas.


  • Start on the left side. Hold brush just above the breast line and brush upward to the collarbone. (Repeat this on the right side)


The skin of the throat tends to lose elasticity by the time. For that reason, it’s critical to stimulating collagen and elastin production it that region.

  • Hold the brush on the left side, at the base of the neck, behind the ear. And very lightly brush up to the ear, run along under the jawline and curve down to the front of the neck to the collarbone, the point at which the head and neck drain into the lymph nodes, in which brushing will assist to remove toxins from the body.  ( Repeat this on the right side)

Ensure to brush seven times per area.Get rid of dry skin face



Dry Face Brushing is intense exfoliation. Do it 1-2 times a week, and after brushing use a hydration mask or facial oil to keep your skin hydrated. Otherwise, exfoliation can leave the skin very dry with possible flaking.

Anyway, if you continue this beauty ritual correctly, your skin will be looking radiant.

The part above the lips, under the nose, is another critical area that tends to age and develops thin vertical lines.
Exfoliating the top lip will improve the anti-aging process.

The application must be very light around the eye area because the skin is more delicate in that region. But it will help promote circulation and collagen production in the skin. Never brush your eyelids.

Brush entire left side of the face before moving to the right side. The brush stroke is a small upside-down U brush stroke.

  • Place brush at the chin, brush left side of jaw using the U-brush strokes.
  •  Brush above the lip.
  •  Brush in one upward stroke up the bridge of the nose.
  •  Place brush on the left side of the nose, next to the nostril, brush up to the eye-brow bone, around the eye and back to the nose.
  • Move brush strokes above the left eye on the forehead and then to the remaining temples to relieve stress and head pain.
  •  Continue brushing down the side of face and cheeks.
  •  Finish off with small brush strokes up under the jawline from left ear to right ear.

(Repeat brushing on the right side of the face).

After Dry Face Brushing

Since after exfoliation you will need to moisturize your skin, I’ll share with you a fantastic homemade cleanser and mask. I’ve found these simple recipes on Bodecare’s social facial skin care

Here are the ingredients:
Exfoliate your skin with coconut oil and almond flour
Apply a turmeric coconut yogurt mask for 20 minutes
After rinsing, you’ll see how gorgeous your face is.

Other times I use jojoba oil (100%) because after starting to apply it I began to see vast improvements.

Jute Dry Face Brush

Price -$21.50

Info from Bodecare Website:

“It is suitable for normal to dry skin, mature skin, topical eczema, psoriasis and those who suffer from open pores.  It is also suitable for those with mild breakout and congestion, to help open pores and allow excess sebum to flow naturally from the skin pores, active blood flow to enhance collagen production to heal skin.  However, it is not suitable for skin that has severe pustular activity, cystic acne, significant active lesions, lots of red, inflamed skin.  It is best to wait until the skin has healed before trying to dry face brush.”

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Face Brushing is, in my experience, the best facial skin care. Visit the Bodecare store by clicking here, if you want to find more information or want to take a look at the product.

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Hey! I stumbled across this post and it was a blessing! I’ve struggled with acne and irritated skin for years and tried all kind of cleansers. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t see a difference between expensive and drug store brand names.
The brush sounds amazing! I’m so happy it’s all natural. Where did you find out about this brush? It sounds like it could be a good fit for me!
The advice you give on using it is perfect! I am the person who needs a step by step guide to facial care!

July 7, 2018 | 6:22 am


    Hey Jessica,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my article. I’ve found about this brush when I was studying about how to detox the body ( I mean from environmental toxins). 

    I gave a step by step guide to facial care in the article above.

    Have a nice day,


    July 8, 2018 | 7:49 am


I am really impressed with the article you wrote. I didn’t know that it was possible to brush the skin on your face. As I was always de-advised to do so. I also find it’s great you recommend natural organic products. I always say coconut oil is your best friend.

Thank you for writing such an informative guide on how to brush the dead skin off. It was really helpful and I will give it a try.

July 6, 2018 | 12:37 pm


    Hi Theresa,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my article.

    I would be curious to know why you were always de-advised to brush the skin on your face:). It’s a beauty ritual, and since I started it I’ve literally seen my skin improving. Naturally, you have to do it only 1-2 times per week. I recommend you to give it a try, and I will be glad if you’ll return on this page to share with us your experience:)

    I know that coconut oil is fantastic. I’ve written an article about its benefits and how to use it.

    Thank you again,


    July 6, 2018 | 1:40 pm

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