Vision Board- a powerful tool to achieve your Goals

Vision Board- a powerful tool to achieve your Goals Image

Vision Board- a powerful tool to achieve your Goals

Why do we have some goals continually to achieve in our lives? This condition makes us grow up and also makes us feel alive.

A lot of people will tell you that if you do want to achieve anything in life, you have to work hard and that without that condition of hard-working you wouldn’t go anywhere.

Let me tell you that I agree with that, but it’s also true that our thoughts create our reality, and so even if we usually work for realizing our desires, without a right strategy you have to struggle a lot.

We have a great gift that God gave to us: the Mind. It dominates every our movement and for our progress go in the right direction, we have first to shift our Mindset.

There are different tools and guru tracks on the market that you can use in that sense, but here I’ll talk to you about a powerful tool that is cost less and has a significant impact on our ability to achieve our goals. In this piece, I’ll talk about Vision Board, and more precisely about the way you can create one.


What is a Vision Board

A Vision Board is mostly a piece of cardboard on which you glue the images of things you want to get in the future. For example, you can stick on it the picture of your dream house, the image of a car or a place you want to travel, etc. You should put these images in a place where you can see them board

You know that what creates our reality is our subconscious, and this assimilates the information that comes from outside through our mind.

The more you convince yourself of the veracity of a situation and the more you will attract conditions similar to what you think you are experiencing.

It is true that we see the world through our eyes as it is true that we see it with our mind, which perceives what comes from outside and can distinguish essential things from those that are not. Seeing your Vision Board every day, your account will send the subconscious the information it receives from this piece of paper. This one, in turn, will bring in your reality situations similar to the images of the vision card. Everything happens automatically.


How to create a Vision Board

First of all, you have to prepare yourself for the moment you’ll create a Vision Board. You have to choose a day of your calendar when to do it.

For that event you will need to have:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • magazines
  • a sheet of cardboard on which you will paste the images that you have chosen from the magazines.

It is necessary to have enough magazines to have a better choice. You can find them anywhere, and you can get them for free. The ideal places to see them are the supermarket, the hairdresser, the dental offices, practically everywhere you find old magazines that no one wants anymore. Get them to create your Vision Board.

When you have found enough material to make your choices and have decided a day to devote to the event, you are ready.

When you need to create your Vision Board, you can not just start cutting out all the images you like from your magazines. You must mentally prepare yourself for that creative event.

You know that to be creative we have to be relaxed so that you can do it in two ways:

1. Choose a whole weekend (48 hours) that you will dedicate to total relaxation: you can commit your time to something that makes you feel good, like a hobby or a reading, or spend a whole day in a spa, the point is to do everything that makes you carefree. But beware, dedicate an entire day to relaxation and the next day you’ll have to create your Vision Board. It will be easy for you because your body will be relaxed and as a result, your mind will be more receptive.relax

2. If you only have one day available, you can start by doing some meditation. If you usually don’t meditate, you can choose an alternative, keep in mind that your goal is to relax before starting to browse magazines and select images.

You can listen to music. People usually say that if you want to relax you have to listen to relaxing pieces, but it’s not necessarily true. You can also look to Latin American music. The main thing is that you let yourself go to the rhythm of the music. In this case, it would be easier for you to already have a playlist with the tracks you prefer the most. To listen to them, you must lie down on a mat and only let your body perceive the music. Avoid thinking about anything.

After the time spent freeing the mind, start flipping through the magazines. Choose all the images you like, all those that you think are sensible and cut them out.

Next, look again at the photos you’ve chosen and chosen only those that touch your heart in some way.

Creating a Vision Board is a great way to get clarity in your life.

Now that you have your images and you have an idea of what you want for your future take the cardboard and paste the photos on it. You can also stick with it some words that have struck you or that make sense to you. For example, if you want “Success” you can paste this word there, or anything else.

Make your Vision Board the way you like best. You can add some color to it, or put some glitter on it. The important thing is that you can enjoy watching it constantly. You must not get bored.


Where can you hang your Vision Board?

It’s critical for you to hang your Vision Board in a place where you can see it more often. You may attach it above the bedside table, on the fridge, in your office, or wherever you spend more time during your day.

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Create your Vision Board, and you’ll not only reach your goals or anything you’ve glued on it, but you’ll also get more clarity on what you want in your life and how to achieve it.

If you have any questions, or something may not be apparent to you, please do not hesitate to ask me below, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.







Author | Marta Comments | 6 Date | May 9, 2018

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Mat A.

Hi Marta,
What a great post and write up on how a vision board can be a powerful tool. I’ve heard of vision boards before but never really looked into it. You’ve provided a clear and concise write up and it’s easy to follow. Thank you for providing this.
I think many people can greatly benefit from having a vision board of other tool to help them stay focused on their goals. Seeing it in picture form is much more powerful than having it simply written down which is how I do it. I believe I may start employing a vision board moving forward.
Thanks again,
Mat A.

June 9, 2018 | 6:11 pm


    Hi Mat, thank you for taking time to comment on my article.

    Writing down your desires and reading them every day helps, but the vision board is even more potent because helps you to visualize better what you want to achieve and speeds the process:)



    June 9, 2018 | 6:38 pm


Hey Marta:

I love vision boards! I agree. They do help you by reminding you of the goals you’ve set for yourself and the life you’ve envisioned.

I have a board I call “My Perfect Life” that I have hung on the wall opposite from my bed. It is the first thing I see every morning.

On it is a collage of words and pictures cut from magazines that show the good things that have meaning and mana in my life.

Some of the pictures are metaphors for life conditions I want: a building hammer made of paper bills (which reminds me that I can build anything if I’ve got money enough), a dancer, confident and strong on tiptoes with her legs spread in a wide squat (which reminds me of the beauty of physical strength), a monk doing kung-fu on a large boulder (which reminds me of the need for balance) and so on.

I’ve added pictures and words as my desires change. It’s an ongoing project….

May 21, 2018 | 12:15 am


    Great Netta! Your vision board, even though filled with metaphors, does have a meaning for you; that’s what really matter:)

    May 21, 2018 | 7:12 am


Thanks for your clear explanation of what a vision board is. I had heard of them before, but did not know that there was a whole approach to doing one. That makes a lot more sense than just plunking down with a pair of scissors and a magazine. Its like laying your intentions out like a picture.

May 10, 2018 | 6:29 pm


    Yeah, exactly:). You’re are welcome!

    May 10, 2018 | 6:38 pm

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