How to Use a Vision Board – 5 Steps

How to Use a Vision Board – 5 Steps Image

How to Use a Vision Board – 5 Steps

In the last piece I’ve written about the way you can create a Vision Board, so before reading this article maybe it would be better for you first to read the previous one.

Here I want to talk about the way you can use Vision Board for better-achieving things you wish to. If you’ve already done a collage of images that represent your wishes, probably you’re already aware of the sense of all this. You know how regularly looking at the Vision Board may activate the Subconscious, which one is critical to creating your reality.

Have you ever heard about the law of attraction? According to the law of attraction, if you wish to achieve something, you have to behave and feel like you’ve already accomplished it.


Appreciate what you own

If you dream to have a beautiful house, you have to start by turning the place you already live in into a beautiful home. Maybe just by buying some plants that can decorate it, or by cleaning it throwing away all the things you don’t use anymore or that don’t make sense in your life. You have to appreciate the things you already own if you want toold car have something better.

If you want a new car, don’t despise your old one. Instead, when you are driving it, imagine yourself making the one you want, with all its comfort. Feel every detail of that car. But first, remember to appreciate yours, keep it clean and be grateful for its utility.

If you want to have clothes that are expensive compared to your actual budget, you not only must think they are affordable, but you may also make a room into your wardrobes for them because you know you’ll soon own them. Do know and feel you deserve it, the same way you earn anything you want.

Appreciate what you already own. Feel joy for anything, and consider yourself lucky for those things. Just feel right, and the Universe will automatically bring into the living things that make you feel better.


Act As If

If you want to own something, feel like you already have it. Stick your wishes on the paperboard and know that all that stuff is already yours. It’s already there for you, expecting you to be ready to receive it.

Behave like the person you want to become. If you believe you can become one way, you’ll automatically act as if you already were that way. For example, if you want to lose some weight and to embrace a healthier lifestyle, you’ll start to introduce in your routine some healthy habits, the first one would be drinking enough water daily. Next, you’ll add to your diet more fruits and vegetables and less junk food.

You know we behave the way we think we are.

When you put on your clothes, imagine you are wearing the clothes of success, which are comfortable and make you feel good. Feel like you’re wearing clothes that improve your self-esteem.

If you want to feel more confident when you find yourself among other people, know you’re at their same level. Do remember that they accept you the way you are because nobody judges you. Everyone focuses on himself, and, in reality, they, just like you, worry about what others think of them.


Positive Affirmations

Treat yourself with respect. Start using positive affirmations. Decide what do you want in life, and introduce it firstly by translating it into words. Never use negative assertions because our mind can’t perceive them.positive affirmations

So, if you want to solve the financial situation, don’t say: “I don’t want to be poor.” Instead, you can say: ” I am rich.” The affirmation that begins with the words: “I am” are authoritative for the Subconscious, which perceives them as a condition of reality.

If there is something you want to buy for yourself, but it’s too expensive, don’t deny to you the possibility to think positive and say: “I can afford that!” That’s also a powerful affirmation, as our Subconscious can’t distinguish what is real from what isn’t. It believes the information you send to it.


Give What You Want To Have

If you need love in life, start by giving love to others. This way you’ll begin to experience it, and according to the law of attraction, you attract into your life more of what you already have.

If you need money, start giving them to others and feel grateful for it. You don’t have to provide significant amounts of money; even some cents are ok, the point is for you to being and feeling grateful when you give them to someone. And you must genuinely feel this way. If you feel thankful for giving money to those who probably need them, you’ll be more open to the Universe, which will compensate you.

I know it’s true because I’ve already been using the law of attraction for ten years.

So, if you want something, start giving it. You can’t take without giving, because there would be some imbalance. Think of the breathing. You have to inhale (=to take) and exhale (=to give). Otherwise, you can’t do it, except in this eye



The last but not the least: PRACTICE VISUALIZATION.

It’s critical for us to learn to see ourselves in the future and feel as if we were already experiencing it.

So, now that you have your Vision Board start visualizing yourself already achieving your dreams. Notice how do you feel about making the life of your thoughts. Do you feel joyful, free, happy? What are your feelings?

Visualization is something magic. You know that what you can see you can achieve! If you can also associate some emotions with it, you’re next to your goals.

Emotions are essential into Visualization because they belong to the reptilian brain, which practically creates our reality.

So, for making an example. If you dream to travel the World, you can visualize yourself doing it and feeling the way you would think by finding yourself in that condition. You can also explore the wind while caressing you or hear the flight of seagulls; it depends on where you imagine you are. Visualization should be as detailed as possible.


I hope you’ve found my post useful to you. If you still have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.



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LOVE all the posts you have! Love it so much I subscribed to your blog. Curious to know if you promote anything related to Law of Attraction/Vibrations/etc.? I noticed the affiliate links for Wealth Affiliate and Jaxxy…thought I might see options for Vision Boards, Law of Attraction, etc.

I don’t really have any true suggestions. Most of the posts I read are far too long for the “typical” reader to stay interested in but you have quite the knack for writing 2-3 paragraphs before you’re on to the next subject.

I thoroughly enjoyed your blog/posts.

May 17, 2018 | 8:24 pm


    Hi Lisa, thank You for subscribing. I appreciate it!

    I had WA links and only put them there, but I’ll soon introduce on my site options for Vision Boards, Meditation, and Law of Attraction. I want to look for Something that worth. Thank you again:)

    May 17, 2018 | 9:02 pm

Mat A.

Hi Marta,
Great article on how to use a vision board. I saw a speaker several years ago who gave a great presentation. Part of the presentation was about using a vision board and she went through how it had helped her to to a result she wanted to get to. Besides being a great speaker she gave some compelling reasons for creating and using a vision board. I completely agree that one of the big components to this is appreciating what you have as a starting point. I incorporate visualizing into any big goal I am working towards.Thanks so much for sharing this.
Mat A.

May 11, 2018 | 7:28 pm


    Hey Mat! Thank you for sharing your experience:) Wish you the best!

    May 11, 2018 | 8:29 pm

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