How To Gain Energy From Your Body

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How To Gain Energy From Your Body

You do not realize the importance of knowing how to get positive energy until you start living by inertia. When you are in this state, you are more likely to fall into depression or become a monster because of stress. Who tells stories like: “One day I will take better care of myself, now I have no time!”, does end up never doing so, as the time to devote to themselves is not a condition that comes from the outside, but it is something we must create from the inside.

If you already find yourself in this kind of conditions and you do want to know how to get positive energy for being more present in the states you live daily, keep reading the following lines because I want to give you some tips on this problem.

What is Energy?

Energy is not just a physical factor, as many will think. It also concerns a mental condition.

When we talk about Energy, we must consider it as a whole, as a mental, emotional and physical vibration.

world energyLess energy you have:

  • The more chance you have of being unhappy.
  • Less enthusiasm you do have on facing new challenges that life offers you.
  • Less trust you have in yourself.
  • Less chance you have to reach your goals.
  • Less credibility you’ll have in front of others.
  • The more possibilities there are for you to eat poorly and not take care of your body.
  • The less chance you have of being creative.
  • Less chance you do have being able to chase your dreams.

Increase your energy, and you’ll improve the factors listed above!

The good news is that your energy is not a fixed mental, physical and emotional factor. It can be created just like happiness. You do not “have” the satisfaction; instead, your thoughts make you think like you may or may not be happy. You do not have to wait for joy, motivation, love or any other positive emotion in your life. You can choose to generate it, whenever you want, with the force of habit.

Like any other of your skills, you can improve energy.

I’ll tell you the three steps to do it!

Step1 – Release the Tension, Set the Intention

Every day people lose their focus, desire, and energy by poorly handling transitions from one activity to another.time for a change

What does “transition” mean? Well, every day when you get out of bed and start your day, you experience a transition from rest to activity. Or, when you come home after a long day at work, and you hear calling you “Mom,” this is also a transition.

Our day is made up of a series of transitions. These have an immense value because they represent a moment of freedom between one activity and another. And it is in between these moments that you have to fill up with energy.

Think of a series of transitions you do every day and write them down on a piece of paper.

Now answer the following questions:

  • Do you ever carry the negative energy you accumulated from a previous activity into a new event?
  • Do you ever feel exhausted, and yet you go on to a new activity, even though you know you need a break?
  • Do you lose the sense of presence and gratitude for life during the day?

If we can change the way we live transitions, we can improve our energies!

Try doing this:

Close your eyes for a minute or two.

mental healthRepeat the verb “release” in your head again and again. As you do so, order your body to release tension in your shoulders, neck, face, and jaw. Release the pressure in your buttocks and legs. Release the stress in your mind and your spirit; this must last only a minute or two.

When you feel that you have released a little tension, set the intention for the activity you are going to perform. Think about the mood you want to start with and the results you want to achieve.

This simple exercise performed during the day can make you feel more present and less stressed. Don’t you believe it? Try right away! 🙂

Step2- Always bring a sense of Joy

Emotionally positive people have happy marriages, earn more money and enjoy better health than emotionally negative ones. Positive emotions help you free your creativity, while negative emotions make you feel blocked.

  • Before starting the day or living a new experience, think about the way you want you feeling and the result you want to achieve. Visualize the moment in which you’ve accomplished the result you want to reach and how it makes you think.
  • Be optimistic, think only of the positive results.
  • Think of a possibly stressful situation and how you will cope with it in the best way; this will prepare you for every eventuality.
  • Observe, during the day, things for which you feel gratitude.
  • Always be mentally present and look for what’s right about people around you or with whom you’ll have to share an experience.
  • Embrace the people you love. Hugs are the best way to show love to someone, and it’s an ointment for the heart. There must be a real affection.
  • Consider positive experiences as gifts and do not take anything for granted.
  • Do enjoy.

Step3 – Improve your health

All people know how to take care of themselves. Most of the time they do not do it runnerbecause of laziness. And they justify it with the lack of time. You know, to be healthy you have to eat healthily and do gymnastics. There is a link between the two conditions.

If a person does gymnastics or any other sport he inevitably feels the need to eat healthily. The same way if a person eats clean, then it begins to feel the need for doing physical activity.

Your physical condition affects your mental state. How you see the world depends on your psychological state and your physical energy.

If you overeat or eat junk food, your brain will be focused only on how to digest it, and your levels of energy will diminish even more. You will feel tired and unmotivated.

Our palate likes junk foods, but in the long run, they are poison for our body.

Physical activity helps to relieve stress and keep fit. You could find a good nutritionist, who will show you the right diet for you and an excellent personal trainer who will show you the right exercises and the right quantity of activities to do for your body. The Fitness Coach is useful, not only because he shows you exercises to do, but also because you have someone to whom show accountability for your commitments. If having a personal coach is too expensive instead, ask a friend, who already does physical activity, to support you in this new adventure.

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These are the three steps to get positive energy and to live your days to the fullest. I hope I’ve been helpful. If you have any other questions about it, please leave a comment below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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Thanks for the post. I often forget about the tension in my body. Because I write a lot at the keyboard I often have tension in my neck and shoulders. I know how to relax these muscles, but I have to first pay attention to them.

One thing I do to gain energy that you will likely not approve of is to drink energy drinks. I find that having a can of Red Bull gives me a good kick before I start teaching classes. The only problem is that I need more and more “juice” to get the same buzz. I probably should take a day off the sauce once a week.

May 25, 2018 | 4:09 pm


    Hey Peter!

    Thanks for your comment. Yeah, in fact, I try to avoid all that can make you addicted to it. Anyway, you can find a way to change your habits. Instead of drinking Red Bull, try to replace it sometimes with another drink that you like and is natural. If your body starts to get used to a specific bottle, after a while, you would have to increase the quantity of that juice for obtaining the desired result. You can also do a walk that relieves stress and makes you gain some energy.

    May 25, 2018 | 6:58 pm


Such an inspiring post! You make some great points here. Looking after ourselves is such an important thing for our well being but how many of us actually have time to do it properly? As you say, it’s about appreciating the small things and making time for simple pleasures. I find starting the day with 30 minutes of yoga really makes a difference for me. As well as eating healthily and making time for my family and friends.

May 25, 2018 | 10:26 am


    Hey Louise!

    Thanks for finding time to comment on my post. I find that anything we do for ourselves makes us feel better and boost our energy level. It’s great that you start your day by doing yoga! Finding some time to dedicate to ourselves is o form of self-respect.

    May 25, 2018 | 10:51 am

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