How To Deal With The Failure – 8 Steps

How To Deal With The Failure – 8 Steps Image

How To Deal With The Failure – 8 Steps

Let’s face it, one of the things that scare us most is the failure. It is comprehensible since in any failure you risk losing money, time or relationships with people who may have a meaning in our private life or our careers. What scares us about failure is also the judgment of others. But we should know that who never fails, never progress.

  • We do not try to live the life we want, because if we fail, we will prove to have been wrong.
  • We do not start a relationship that we would like to live with someone because of the fear that it can fail, and that would make us feel unwanted or make us suffer.
  • We do not follow our dreams because we do not believe enough in our potential and we are afraid of losing some time and money behind what we think are only illusions. So we limit ourselves to get a job and to work for someone else’s dream by renouncing the freedom to manage our time the way we want to and by denying to find out our purpose in this world.shame

We all go through failures during our growth. Everyone makes its own mistakes. But we must accept the fact that failure is a part of success.

What leads us to move forward or stop in front of it is the way we deal with it.

In this article, I want to suggest a certain number of steps to be taken so that you’ll know how to deal with the failure in the right way and can go on in pursuing your dreams and living your life in the best way for you.

Step 1

Whatever the failure you have suffered, remember not to judge yourself. Recognize that you have done your best, based on the awareness, knowledge, and skills you had at the time.
Recognize the fact that everything you tried to do you did it with the best intentions and that you could not have foreseen the consequences.
Know that the only way to learn and progress is through the mistakes we make, and you should know that you would now act differently from how you worked before.

Step 2

Be aware of the fact that you have survived to the failure and that you are strong enough to face all the consequences that it may entail. Know that as long as we are alive, we can remedy everything.
And it is essential to be aware of this thing that may seem trivial. But often we do not notice how precious life is and that we must celebrate it and be grateful for it.
Only at death can there be no more remedy.never a failure, always a lesson

Step 3

Behind every mistake, there is a valuable lesson to learn. Write on a sheet of paper all the insights and lessons you have gained from your experience. Read what you wrote on this sheet often so that you can better understand what have been your mistakes and what the lessons.
Ask also those who participated with you in the failed project what is their point of view and what they have learned from that experience.
Then make a list with: “Things to do better next time.”

Step 4

Be comprehensible with those who give you their feedback. Thank them for sharing it with you. Do not take charge of their emotions. Remember that if someone is angry with you, this is due to his/her fears, which have nothing to do with you or your competency.
So be willing to get feedback from others, but stay immune to their emotions.
After gathering all the necessary information, choose the most accurate ones that can help you do better in a next experience, and discard the rest.

Step 5

Recognize your mistakes and do what is necessary to complete your experience.
Try to “clean up the mess” and apologize to those you may have offended. Do not leave anything incomplete.
In this way, you can start a new experience with a clear conscience.clean up any messes

Step 6

When we experience failure, we may feel ashamed, and our self-esteem is likely to lower for the time being. Do not fall into discomfort; otherwise, you risk falling into depression.
Take some time to think about all the things you’ve had success in and that you’ve done right, this way you’ll realize that you’ve done more right things than the wrong ones.
At a time when you think you’re a failure, thinking about your past successes bring you to balance again. Not only that, but it also helps you to boost your self-esteem.

Step 7

Take care of yourself. Take some time where you don’t think about new projects. Instead, dedicate yourself to your psychological well-being.
In these cases, you will need to be with people who love you, who appreciate you and can do well to your self-esteem.
We must never go directly from one project to another; otherwise, we risk bringing the negative emotions of the previous experience into the new one.
Devote some time to yourself and think only about strengthening yourself psychologically. Relax.

Step 8

Focus on your goal. Incorporate the lessons you have learned, and with them commit to moving forward in your original plan, or create a new one, and move forward. Do not stop at the first obstacle. Move incessantly towards the fulfillment of your dreams. You probably will make lots of mistakes along the way. It’s critical never to give up.
After each mistake, shake the dust off yourself and resume the journey.time for change

Last thought

Having goals in life is critical. Committing ourselves to reach them makes us feel alive and full of energy. We must not be afraid of possible failures. If you can see them as teachings and not as obstacles, they help you get closer and closer to your dreams.
What is your next goal?
Write it on a piece of paper and commit to reaching it. Reread this article when you need it if you found it useful;).
Never give up.
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Yes Marta!
great post on how to deal with failure. I would like to add also that when we fail at anything in life, that doesn’t mean it’s final. we must take it as a learning experience because experience do teaches wisdom. I appreciate the fact that you are putting this out there and giving the points applicable to overcome this situation called failure.
Cheers! and be blessed!

June 29, 2018 | 12:57 am


    Exactly Paulbonyon,

    I do entirely agree with you. Our growth depends on our experiences, including failure. But for becoming wise, you should look at the failure the right way because it doesn’t have the same effect on all people. Someone can pick a lesson from the crash; someone else can stay blocked to his failure and have some trouble to move forward.



    June 29, 2018 | 7:21 am


Aw! I love it. All great point and process of dealing with failure and/or other issues in life. I especially love the sentence, getting feedback and staying immune emotionally. It is outrageously valuable to ask people that you trust to be fair in their judgment how you could have improved or what the situation looked like through their eye, and then to be able to accept what they tell you as what is true to them and may or may not be what is true to you.
Anyway, thanks for sharing!

June 21, 2018 | 4:14 pm


    Hi Courtney,

    In the beginning, it can be a bit difficult to stay immune to others emotions, even worse if they are angry with you. But if you gain some self-confidence before facing others, you can accept any judgment without taking It too personally.



    June 21, 2018 | 4:47 pm

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