Comfort Zone: what is it and how to get out of it

Comfort Zone: what is it and how to get out of it Image

Comfort Zone: what is it and how to get out of it

“All you want is out of your comfort zone.”


Did you ever drive the car and suddenly notice that you still have the handbrake up? What did you do in that case, did you push on the accelerator? Of course not, you only took the handbrake off!

Most people go on in life with their pulled psychological “brakes.” They keep negative images of themselves in their minds, or they continue to remember they have had bad experiences. So, when they set some goals, they are faced with a series of obstacles against which they have to fight, without considering, however, that what blocks them are instead limiting or distorted thoughts about themselves and reality.

In the next lines, I’ll give you, according to Jack Canfield’s book ” The Success Principles” a definition of the comfort zone and a way to get out of it.

The origin of limiting thoughts

limiting beliefsFirst things first, let us clarify the comfort zone meaning.

The Comfort Zone is nothing but a psychological prison that we have made ourselves, in part from the beliefs that have been inculcated into us since childhood, partly from the experiences lived.

Let me make you an example of it.

From an early age, someone teaches an elephant to stay in a small confined space, forced by a delicate rope, that they’ve attached to a wooden stick planted in the ground. In the beginning, the baby elephant will try to untie itself, but being small it will not succeed, and after various attempts, he’ll also stop trying.

So when he grows and weighs 5 tons, despite having the strength to break that rope, he does not even try, because as a child have made him believe he can not. In this way, he continues to live all its life in a confined space, forced by a thin thread.

Probably this story is also describing you. Trapped by limiting beliefs and images of yourself that you have received since you were little. If so, the good news is that you can get out of your comfort zone. How? There are four different ways:

  1. You can use positive self-affirmations by saying to yourself that you already possess what you want to have, you are already doing what you want to do, and you already are who you want to be.
  2. Create new potential internal images about you while you have, do and are what you want.
  3. Use the revolutionary technique of EFT or Tapping Therapy.
  4. Change your attitude.

Stop Repeating The Same Mistakes

We usually create the same experiences again and again, and we do it in an entirely uncontrolled way; this is due to our thoughts, which do not change.

For example, in some cases when we start a new story with someone.
At the beginning everything is beautiful, but our belief that our stories must end badly, makes us start acting like wetrap are about to break off the relationship. We become insecure, proud, do not believe in the feelings of our partner, we get jealous of anything, and the story comes to an end. In the end, you will say: “I knew it would end like that!”

In fact, the experiences we attract are due to the preconceptions we already have in our heads. Our thoughts lead us to behave in a certain way, so we get the same results.

As long as you complain about something, your mind will focus on your complaint. You will continue to attract the same kind of people and situations that will bring you to relive the same experiences, again and again.

The Financial Comfort Zone

Let’s take the home thermostat as an example. When it reaches the set temperature, the radiators turn off, right? And vice versa, when the value falls below the set temperature, they turn on. The same goes for our finances.

For example, a person used to earning $2,000 in monthly commissions will work hard to achieve that goal every month. Another one who thinks he can make $3,000, will try in every way to maintain the standard. And if he were to reach the $3,000 threshold in a week, he will stop doing anything else for the rest of the month, even if he has more time left to make even more money; this is called the comfort zone.

The same applies to savings. People keep in savings the sum of money they usually have there, and they always try to keep it that way. In fact, the reason why 80% of those who win the lottery lose everything is precise because at the time of winning do not have the right mentality to manage a more substantial sum than the one to which they are usually used.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zoneimpara a volare

Getting out of the comfort zone is like starting a workout.

For example, I decided to take care of my body several months ago. At the beginning when I was making jogging, and I found myself out of breath, I was wondering why I didn’t stop doing it. The only reason I did not quit right away was that I was paying a personal fitness coach, and I had to account for someone about my progress. So after a few months, when I stopped being followed by him, I also thought about quitting to train. Instead, after a break of a few weeks, I resumed alone; this was because I had got into the habit of seeing myself fit, so I could not accept to lose the work I had done before. Now I train alone, and I’m more motivated than before. So what was previously utterly foreign to me has now become my new lifestyle.

Well, the first example was about body training, but in indeed it is more about “training” one’s mind.

In my case, it is not that I have made a habit of doing weights and aerobic. Instead, my mind has built a new version of me, to which then I could not give up.

Use positive self-affirmations

Our Subconscious creates our reality, and we often unconsciously manipulate it with random thoughts coming from outside; this is a condition that you can change by using positive affirmations in the right way.

Jim Carrey, when he was not yet known, but he wanted to become an actor, he would drive his car through the city every night and say: “Everyone wants to work with me, I’m a good actor, I have all kinds of great film proposals.” He repeated the statements again and again until he convinced himself of their truthfulness.

It is critical to use positive affirmations because our Subconscious does not perceive the negative ones.


Wrong – I’m not afraid to fly anymore

Right – I’m enjoying the thrill of flying

Hope I was clear about the comfort zone meaning and how to get out of it. If you still have any questions or have any considerations to do, feel free to write them below. I’ll be more than happy to read your opinion about or to answer your questions if you have some.




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This is a really positive post and I love it 🙂 I especially love how at the end you turn a negative BUT positive comment into a positive AND positive comment. Our minds are the most powerful tools in the world. More powerful than even the biggest computer. We just don’t give ourselves enough credit. We can do anything we want to if we just believe in ourselves. Great post, thank you 🙂

May 16, 2018 | 7:43 pm


    It’s true.

    Our mind is a powerful tool. It’s up to us how we use it:)

    Thank you for appreciating!

    May 16, 2018 | 7:58 pm


This is a must-read article for anyone feeling “stuck”! I’m so glad I found it! I especially related to the comparisons like the Elephant being conditioned to thinking it can’t break free from the rope.
Positive affirmations are one of the best methods towards self-healing and freedom and I am glad that you are an advocate for it!

May 16, 2018 | 7:31 pm


    Thank you!

    I’m glad you’ve appreciated it:)

    May 16, 2018 | 7:38 pm


Yes I Completely Agree, what we believe about ourselves is what will be our end result on a daily basis… We must teach ourselves to be confident and look at our achievements; even the small, in a positive manner and move forward towards our goal with a belief that we can and will be successful. Thank-you for helping us to see our potential!

May 16, 2018 | 7:31 pm


    Exactly Jennifer!
    Self-confidence is essential if we want to Achieve our goals:)
    Thank you for appreciating!

    May 16, 2018 | 8:25 pm

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