3 Steps To Achieve A Goal

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3 Steps To Achieve A Goal

We use to start every year with good intentions. In January we are convinced of our plans. We begin full of energy and ready to make a change in our lives. We are well intentioned to finish a project or start a new one, but who knows why after a while we begin the habits of the year again before.

We wait years for the miracle to happen.
You’ve never had the feeling of working and working for something, but you do not go anywhere. If that’s also your case, I suggest you read the next lines.

I’ve read books, took part in courses and thought to go in a direction that, by the time further on, seemed to be far away. One day, however, I took a coaching session with a Jack Canfield’s company coach. He, in 50 minutes of conversation, following three steps, opened my eyes to the real method to achieve a goal; that conversation changed my point of view and helped me a lot to focus better on how to make a goal. I’ll write down the three steps in the next lines.

Step 1

Define your target

It is not enough to say “I want … etc. etc.”. You need to clarify the purpose you want to achieve and give it a name. Once purified, you should put a deadline within which you want to reach it. We have more chances to reach a goal if we give it a period because this motivates us more. But when we place an intention without a definite date, we risk continuing to live in hope.

writingSo, I suggest doing the same thing that I had to do the moment that coach was talking to me: take a piece of paper and write on it with giant font size what you want to achieve and by when.

The written words, by themselves, have enormous power, because it is like the first step towards what you want. You remove thought from your head and put it on a sheet, this way you see it with more clarity because it is isolated from everyone else.

Step 2

Take a blank sheet of paper and write up: “What steps should I take to achieve my goal until the day/ month/year?”

Make a list of all the actions you have to take and that only concern your goal. Try to be as detailed as possible and write step by step on how you will need to move. You have more opportunities to do something if you write it on a paper sheet. If for some things you think you do not have time, it creates the conditions for you to accomplish them. Of course, you can have everything you want, but it depends 100% on you, there’s no excuse.

Step 3

Again on a piece of paper, put a vote on your following skills:

  • Time management – vote
  • Relationships – vote
  • Delegation – vote
  • How much time do you devote to your goal – vote

For each point, where your vote does not reach the maximum 10, ask yourself “What can I do to be a 10 in this ability?”

Make a list of the steps to take to improve your skills.

To reach an objective, one must master the skills listed above.

We need to know how to manage our time, to ensure we every day make room for what are our priorities. We musttry again know how to relate to others because our success also depends and above all on how we treat others. We must be able to delegate because what is not essential, which we devote time to, takes away from us precious time. Finally, we need to take away space for things that rob us of time, and use it to achieve our goal. Think then what are the things you do during your day to which you could say NO.

When he asked me where I was losing my time, I replied that I was not wasting any time, because I mostly was dedicating myself to reading and studying. I expected a round of applause. Instead, he replied that for every hour of class I need at least ten hours of practice, so I would have just wasted my time if I did not turn the theory into practice 🙂

And you? How much time do you devote or do you think you should spend to your goal?

If you have any goals to reach, try to practice the three steps listed above. They seem to be trivial, but they are above all very useful. If you still have a question or something that might not be clear to you, please leave a comment below, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


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Author | Marta Comments | 3 Date | May 14, 2018

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Hi Marta, I can relate to this.
I have a very close friend who is always wanting to spend time together to the point where I can get nothing done. I try to save time for her and make sure that when we are together it is always for something special, but she doesn’t seem to understand that my work is vital to me and that I have to achieve my goals. She is always asking me to leave my work and do things that are a waste of (precious) time. Then she gets disappointed when I say no.
My work and my relationships are both very important to me but I find it difficult to divide my time amongst them. Your article has made it even clearer that this is a problem I need to solve.

May 19, 2018 | 7:43 am


I really love this. I can’t count the number of times I’ve set a goal and failed to reach it for one reason or another. Most of those times, I didn’t take these 3 steps.
Another thing I’ve found that really helps me to meet my goals is to not only write down what my goal is but to write down the reward that’ll come as a result of meeting my goal. Why am I setting the goal in the first place? What will it help me get?
For example a goal to exercise every day. You set it so you can lose weight, feel better, have more energy, more self confidence, etc. Sometimes that why is what pushes you to keep going when nothing else will.

May 15, 2018 | 4:30 pm


    You are right; or if you want to commit to your goal, you have to raise the necessity, which is similar to what You have said. Cheers:)

    May 15, 2018 | 6:30 pm

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