10 Foods That Reduce Stress

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10 Foods That Reduce Stress

“You are what you eat.” Someone already wrote this quote, but if you take it into account, it can make you think.
My sudden change of mood made me think because it happened when I stopped following a balanced diet.

Then I’ve understood that food is critical not only for nurture our body, but also to keep us in a right mood.

There is a link between the two. When you feel plenty of energy, you are more favorable than when you feel tired.
But if you want to feel energized, you have to provide your body with the right vitamins.

In this article, I will list ten foods that reduce stress.

You can include them in your diet and see what effects they have on your body and your mood.

The Sad Truth

Have you ever wondered why so many people are on medication for stress? There weren’t such problems 30 years ago.

What has happened?
Foods we eat today made a huge difference in our lives. Most people do not eat a healthy diet, and most of them are overweight.

Many doctors believe that stress and the number of people suffering from depression are due to a vitamin deficiency. The pressure that many of us suffer from today may be the result of just not eating a healthy diet.

It is inevitable, given that today we eat more industrial foods. At the supermarket, you will always find more shelves of packaged foods, as well as frozen foods. Nor is it possible to know whether a fruit or vegetable has grown naturally or it is plenty with hormones.

In nature, every fruit and every kind of vegetable has its seasons to flourish and mature; instead, we can find everything at any time of the year. But, how do you think, does the food we eat contain the needed vitamins for our bodies?

Foods that relieve stress are foods that contain specific vitamins for our body. Instead many people tend to confuse things.junk food
They choose to eat junk food because they think that it will enhance their mood. But it’s not true. Junk food will give you a momentaneous satisfaction, but, after eating it, you’ll feel bad. It doesn’t provide you with the right vitamins and doesn’t nurture your body well.

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano

We also know that proper nutrition is essential for a healthy body, but what about a healthy mind?

Well, I discovered by myself how much the way we eat influences our mind.
When I started doing bodybuilding, I had to follow a specific diet. It was a bit boring at one particular time for me to keep that diet because I had not much choices, or better I didn’t know how to vary the food I was eating, even because I don’t like much to cook, especially in summer.

When I went during the summer holidays with my husband and my kid to visit our relatives, I didn’t want to carry about cooking for myself, and I decided to stop following the diet for that period.

One morning I woke up being nervous. Why should I have been nervous, if there wasn’t any motivation for it? I felt like I had had less energy than when I was following my diet. It was sad for me because I enjoyed what I was eating there, but I felt terrible afterward.

At that moment I learned a fundamental lesson. I’ve understood that food is essential also to our mood.
After doing some researches, I found out that in my proper diet, which I was following before going on holidays, there I was including the ten foods that reduce stress without knowing about it. That diet had all the vitamins my body needed, that’s why I felt good.

Foods That Relieve Stress

Certain foods are natural mood enhancers. These include:

  • Dairy products. Dairy is usually high in protein; these are essential to nurture your body muscles. This way you’ll improve a physical response to stress. You can take dairy in milk or cheese and expect less physical problems due to stress. Not only, but you’ll also have a lighter mood;
  • Fish. Fish that are rich in fatty acids, such as salmon, tuna, and cod, is good for the body as well as the mind. We always considered fish as “brain food,” but not everyone knew that fish that is high in Omega-3 fatty acids is a natural way to treat depression. Some studies indicate that people who suffer from depression related to stress have low levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in their body;foods that relieve stress
  • Strawberries. These can keep your blood sugar levels stable, which can be another cause of stress. These fruits are a natural way to stabilize your mood and are a lot tastier than any SSRI medications;
  • Spinach. Folic acid is essential to good health and spinach is high in this B vitamin. Studies have also indicated that people who have low levels of folic acid are more prone to depression. Folic acid increases serotonin naturally, which is precisely the way that medications to treat depression work on the brain;
  • Turkey. It is another food that boosts the serotonin. Turkey contains Tryptophan, an amino acid that can make you calm. It is a natural tranquilizer. Not only, but it contains protein, which nurtures the muscles of your body;
  • Brazil Nuts. These contain selenium, which is another mood enhancer. However, too much of this can prove toxic for your system so eat these nuts sparingly. They have a particular taste, but if you like it, then include them in your diet;
  • Complex carbohydrates. These also contain tryptophan. Although we have been warned to “stay away from carbs” these past few years, we need complex carbs. Naturally not simple carbs. If you are watching your diet, stay away from simple carbohydrates, such as cakes, cookies, and sweets, but eat complex carbs, such as sweet potatoes, that are rich in tryptophan;
  • Clams and Oysters. These are high in Vitamin B12. Raw clams and oysters are considered an aphrodisiac;
  • Cottage cheese. It is also rich in this vitamin B12 that has been known to enhance your mood and stave off stress.foods that relieve stress

If you are not getting enough of these foods in your daily diet, consider taking a multivitamin or a supplement. If you are suffering from stress, the chances are that you may be deficient in vitamin B as well as Omega-3 acids.


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Final Thoughts

Eating healthy is essential to your body and your mind, whose health affects your mood. Choose to include these foods in your diet, and you’ll see an improvement in your well-being. If you feel good, you’ll have more chances to be productive and motivated during your days.

In case you know other foods to relieve stress, and want to share with us your knowledge, or you still have any question on the topic, please leave a comment below, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. We won’t share your data with anyone.

To your health,


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I agree food can relieve stress. I try to balance my meals for that reason, but I also find eating too late you can wake up in a not great mood. Consistency is also important. You hit on the major points and gave me areas you can read about. I would also suggest possibly giving a way to get those details from other key words.Good post

July 13, 2018 | 9:13 pm


    Hi Bill,

    In fact, you won’t sleep well if you eat too late. 

    Thank you for your suggestions.



    July 16, 2018 | 8:01 am

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